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Tips for Placing a Mirror in Your Home Gym

Mirror for Home Gym

Every gym, at home, or facility needs a mirror.

Without these large, glossy wall mirrors, gyms, whether at home or not, just do not feel right. Gym wall mirrors have already gotten 0incorporated upon the introduction of gyms. Since then, mirrors have stood the test of time and are still widely accepted as a necessity in the fitness industry up to this day.  

No matter the size of your home gym, mirrors are important and must be included in any fitness space.

Why are Gym Mirrors so important?

Functionally, wall gym mirrors allow gym enthusiasts to observe themselves from different angles and perspectives. This mirror enables you to check your form, posture, and other factors to ensure safety and maximize the benefits of workout routines, especially when weightlifting or running over a treadmill.

Moreover, wall gym mirrors serve the very reason why most gym enthusiasts go to the gym — to be and stay in shape. As mirrors allow them to notice their curves, thighs, waists, chests, and muscles, gym enthusiasts can track their progress and receive more motivation to achieve their ideal body and stay in perfect shape. 

What Gym Mirror should you use? 

When you look at mirror reviews, there will be a mix of opinions on the gym mirror you should use.

However, when making this decision, one of the most important factors in finding the right gym mirror for you is the permanency of the gym. If the gym is permanent, by all means, install and affix mirrors that will last. However, if the gym is temporary, better opt for temporary mirrors, such as hanging mirrors or standing mirrors. That way, you can easily remove them when the time comes.  

Where should you put your Gym Mirror?

Another vital factor to consider is choosing the location to put up the mirror. While you must consider lighting, it is also important to place your gym mirrors where you have most of your workouts. Furthermore, consider and allocate ample space between you and the mirror. Unfortunate accidents may occur when there is not enough space between the mirror and you when working out. It is best to keep a safe distance between your working out area from where the mirror stands to avoid breakage and other accidents.

Best Ways to Clean your Home Gym Mirror

Mirrors are a must, but they can be high maintenance. As mirrors are prone to dirt, regular gym cleanups may not be enough. There must be a cleaning method solely for mirrors. With that, here are some steps to clean your mirrors easily and efficiently: 

  1. Although you may go for expensive mirror cleaners, opting for cheaper, homemade cleaning solutions may be best. For this, you will need to prepare a 4:1 proportion of water and white vinegar, a spray bottle, microfiber cloth, dry cotton wool, and some old newspapers.

  2. Secondly, prepare the area for cleanup. For this, you may want to avoid drips of the cleaning solution you prepared. Thus, put the newspapers under the mirror to prevent the solution from dripping onto the floor.

  3. The third step now involves some actual cleaning. Spray the cleaning solution on the mirror and wipe thoroughly with the microfiber cloth. At first, wipe the mirror in circular motions to get off the grim. As you finish doing so, wipe using vertical strokes, followed by horizontal strokes, to finalize this step.

  4. The fourth step requires you to get into the corners. If your mirror is framed or employs J-channels, you may need cotton swabs to clean right into tough corners and edges.

  5. Finally, use the remaining newspapers to polish the mirrors. Buffing with newspapers can give mirrors a clean, shiny, sleek finish. 

Whether you admit it or not, people want a fit and healthy lifestyle. To achieve that, you must exert effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as keeping a workout routine. Most, if not all, gym enthusiasts dream of having bodies in perfect, fit shapes. Mirrors are extremely useful for such a function.

Gym wall mirrors boost motivation, whether at home or not. Seeing one’s progress towards an ideal body goal increases motivation to work harder until the purpose of keeping a fitness routine shifts from achieving a dream body to maintaining one.