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Tips to Relieving Colic: The Unexplained Crying Fuss

colicky baby

The issue with colic is there is no one magic cure.There has not been much research on it so doctors still do not know exactly what causes it, and it is hard to decipher what the best treatment is for the painful screams.

Many experts have given suggestions on home remedy solutions, but these do not always work for every child. One of the home remedies that has been successful for some children is gripe water - a mixture of sugar water, fennel roots, and ginger. However, some pediatricians and parents have found that this has not been that effective. Some parents say that the best thing to do is wait it out and just try to comfort your kid while you can.

The most effective method, according to Pediatrician and USC graduate, Dr. Kagan, is a probiotic, specifically the bacteria lactobacillic ruteri. If given in the proper form, it can decrease the crying up to fifty percent.

Mother of two, Juli Schneiderman , expresses to parents that there is no way for a parent to be prepared for colic. There is nothing you can do but try and be there for your kid even if they are crying for five hours straight. The best thing to do is get help from someone. You will need to take breaks and have some quiet time to yourself. It is ok to ask for help. That is the biggest thing that parents do not do. Some parents feel that if they are asking for help they have failed their child in some way, but need to understand that is not the case at all.

Even though it seems like the crying will go on forever, it eventually will stop, and when that happens, it will the greatest feeling. Focusing on the fact that moments of serenity will come can sometimes be the biggest relief.