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Weight Loss: 5 Vegetables That Will Cut Off Your Tummy Fat In Just One Week

Vegetables That Will Cut Off Your Tummy Fat

The issue of weight loss is not new, but this is the issue that the bulk of people face and does not find any solutions — the standard of living changes day by day which can be the one primary reason of weight gain. The consumption of unhealthy food is now part routine and lack of exercise due to strict routines also cause health issues. People do not plan to eat healthy food such as Vegetable sambar etc.

The fat around the waist is not just a problem because it looks terrible. A lot of fat in the tummy is a prominent call to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases That way, it is essential to losing fat from your belly to live longer live without health issues.

You can easily measure your waist with the help of inch tape if your size is around 40 inch for men and 35 inches in women, it is a signal of abdominal obesity. Then, this is the time that you need to work harder now to make yourselves slim, and you can do it easily by taking some steps and precautions.

Beside the factor of exercises for weight loss, you can get rid of the tummy fat by taking healthy diet like sambar recipe and vegetables.

There are lots of vegetables that can help you out for this to lose tummy weight in just one week. Within one week; you will observe a good change in your body and health. The dream of ideal weight is not as such difficult as people thoughts. A little efforts give long lasting effect on your body. So, just try to add these veggies in your diet and loss weight without any efforts


Pea is full of grams of protein and tons of significant bloat, reducing nutrients. It is the source of Vitamins Plus magnesium, potassium and iron. The addition of peas in a sambar recipe makes it full of nutrient, and it will help in losing tummy weight. The peas will increase oxygen in blood cells, which boost your metabolism and reduce belly weight and also boost metabolism, improve digestion, and cleansing the colon, which decreases the risk of a heart attack.Not all peas, all the other green veggies are really helpful for weight loss.


Make Ginger your lifetime friend. The benefits of Ginger are uncountable .the Ginger is the best source to reduce bloating, and it also claims the intestines. It is a perfect remedy for gas. You can need Ginger, grate it and add it in your green tea, add in the simple sambar recipe to increase its taste. The addition of flavour makes it tastier, and you can easily consume it, which decrease your tummy fat without efforts.

Another helpful vegetable is beans, rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral. Daily consumption of some amount of beans gives a sense of full stomach which prevent you from overeating. The chance of hunger pangs also suppresses by the easy sambar recipe of beans and legumes. In additions, grains and vegetables are a good source of protein, especially for vegetarian. You can create many Simple sambar recipes through it and get micronutrients, which reduce the belly fat very fast.


Low intake of Vitamin D is also caused by abdominal obesity. Mushroom is one of the best vegetables to remove the deficiency of vitamin D in body because they are low in calories and high in water content. You can easily add in Vegetable sambar with other veggies to make delicious dishes for lunch and dinner. They are high in taste you can intake without worrying about the calories issues.


Broccoli is also a vegetable that helps reduce belly fat. It has lots of benefits like it reduces the chance of cancer and ward off the risk of falling prey to type 2 diabetes. The consumption of clean broccoli toxins from body boost metabolism and decreases inflammation. Immunity also improves through it, and the flavor of sambar recipe must be going to more mouthwatering through. People who do not know How to make sambar, they can easily create a method by adding multitalented broccoli. You can also consume broccoli in the form of soup and sandwiches.

Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers are loaded with vitamins C. It will increase metabolism, which will not only decreases weight also manage the flab in your belly region. Add chilli flakes in sample sambar recipe to enhance the taste and make your selves smart and slims.

Therefore, these vegetables are full of nutrients and fibre, the daily consumption of them will help you a lot to cut off the tummy weight and within one week you will observe the change in your body shape.Besides food, a little bit focus on exercises with diet will help you to get your desired more easily .