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What Cats Can Teach Your Children

Cats Can Teach Your Children

As cat owners, we often learn a lot from our pets without noticing. These furry companions are very loving and they add so much to our lives. Here is a list of all the important lessons that a pet cat can teach your children.

By having a cat in your home and teaching your kids how to care for its needs, children learn about the importance of empathy and about how we often have to put the needs of others above our own. 
Furthermore, as cat owners themselves, children pick up on how crucial it is to share and to respect other’s comfort level. These are vital lessons that will come in handy and that will benefit them when interacting with peers at school as well as later on in life.

As a cat owners, another essential lesson that children learn is responsibility. You can inspire this by taking the time to encourage your children to help take care of the pet by grooming, cleaning after it and feeding it, you can find healthy alternatives for indoor cats here.
As a result of taking care of a pet, children will realize that their actions have direct consequences. They will also understand the importance of sticking to habits and they will take pride in their work, especially if you decide to verbally reward their good behavior. 
By noticing the reactions the pet has in various situations, children can also learn how to stop and modify their behavior whenever the pet shows signs of distress. 
Whenever you interact with the pet, remember that your child sees you as a role model and that, consequently, it will mimic you. So, be sure that the lessons that you depict through your behavior are worthy to be learned.

Health benefits
As scientists argue, raising a child in a home that has a pet cat can help build up the child’s immune system. According to studies, young children who grow up with cats are less likely to develop asthma and allergies.
Cats are also great pets because they can provide your child with plenty of emotional support whenever they are going through a rough time.   

We often act as though we are the center of the universe. However, living with a cat is a simple way of learning that this is not the case. Even though cats are loving and they often do nice things for their owners to show their love, they are also extremely versed at imposing boundaries when it comes to personal space. 
Whenever a cat feels tired or simply not in the mood to play, it will make its position known. By doing so when interacting with a child, the pet can teach your child that things will not always pan out as he/she wants and that this is not the end of the world. 

How to interact with 'the other'
An innate thing that us, humans, share is the fact that we like to be around others who like the same things that we like and who are, in many ways, like us. Well, this is simply not the same when it comes to cats.
Differently from dogs, cats have a way of actively displaying their unique way of being. Most cats have no desire to cater to our needs. This is the main reason why some perceive them as aloof or as too independent.
Yet, living with a pet that has a behavior that is so different from ours and that feels comfortable when it comes to setting limits is a very beneficial aspect. This way, children can learn that, in life, they won’t always get along with others and that this is not a reason why they should reject those who simply see the world differently.