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When Grandparents Visit

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It's a special time for the entire family when grandparents come to visit. The kids get a little more spoiled, the family gets to bond, and everyone has a chance to reconnect as a family. We've got a few tips on how to make grandparents feel right at home when they visit you.

Comfortable Place To Sleep

Grandparents are probably used to their comfortable bed. It's tough to find the comfort of your own bed at someone else's home. Do the best you can to ensure they sleep soundly at your house. If they love it really dark, get them some blackout curtains. Make sure you set them up to sleep in the quietest area of the house. You cannot recreate their own bedroom, but make it as peaceful as possible, so they have a mini-vacation away from their own home.

Check Up On Your Furniture

You aren't going to go out and buy new furniture for your guests, but make sure they have a comfortable area to relax. Some people love their recliners. In fact, they would probably take that recliner to every hotel on vacation if they could. Some people just love a comfy spot on the couch. If you're the type that only has the beautiful furniture that looks great, but isn't comfortable, pull out some squishy furniture for the guests. 

Food Time

Ask your guests if they have dietary restrictions. Older people often have their own ways of eating. Stock up on the things they love. They'll probably sneak the kids lots of sugar, so you can refrain from stocking up the snack shelves. Prepare to cook their favorite meals. Remember, they might be accustomed to certain meals on certain days, so ask them if they want to stick by this or go off the beaten path. 

Provide Their Amenities

Though the kids will be the source of entertainment, grandparents usually have a routine with their television. Many people that live in a senior community love to watch some form of senior TV programming, which has been customized to the wants and needs of the elderly viewer. Some older folks love to watch the news each day. Make sure you provide them with these amenities, so they don't feel like they are missing out. They're accustomed to their favorite entertainment at home, so it's important they still get a taste even when the kids are the main focus.

Get Ready For the Spoiling

Grandparents have one main job in the world, to spoil their grandchildren. Don't be too crazy when they bring loads of toys or give them chocolate bars galore. This doesn't happen every day. Let them make their memories with the grandkids. This is a fun time for them and for the kids. Let them take the kids to the playground or to the toy store. It might seem like too much, but in the eyes of a child, they're having the time of their life. 

Clean Up Your Act

It's almost inevitable that you'll clean your best, and one of the parents will make a comment about dust bunnies. Remember, they're still your parents and want you to do your very best. Just roll your eyes and go with it. Clean as best as you can, so they walk into a fresh, clean house. Burn some candles, dust up those bunnies, and polish the wood, so everything looks like a house right out of a magazine. Give them fresh sheets, vacuum, and clean all of the bathrooms. 

Have Fun

The main thing you need to remember about a visit from the grandparents is to enjoy every minute. Whether you're out on the town or sitting around the house talking, don't take a second for granted. This is a time to just enjoy each other and make new memories. Grandparents are such a special part of a child's life. You don't have to stuff the day with plans; just make them as you go. Remember to take pictures and hug them every chance you get.

Helping grandparents feel at home isn't too difficult if you tweak your routine a little bit. They want to love their family, but they also don't want to feel like they're in an uncomfortable environment. Give them the mini-vacation they deserve and have a lot of fun during their visit.