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Why You Should Send Your Child to a Preschool with an International Perspective

Preschool with an International Perspective

When it comes to the task of preparing your child for preschool, one of the most difficult things you have to do as a parent is to choose an educational institution for your child. Knowing that your child’s preschool years are formative ones and that they serve as an important foundation for the rest of their educational journey, you may feel some pressure about enrolling them in the right school. What kind of institution should you choose, and why?

One option that you can consider if you have the resources is an international preschool. To begin your search for the right one here in the city-state, all you have to do is type “international preschool Singapore” on your browser, and you’ll be presented with several options. There are many interesting benefits to enrolling your child in a school with an international perspective as opposed to one that has a localized curriculum. In this short guide, we’ll explore some of them.

Your Child Will Be Introduced to Cultural Diversity at an Early Age

School serves as a microcosm for real life, and that definitely applies to an educational stage like preschool. If you’d like your child to get acquainted with real-world concepts like cultural diversity early on in their schooling years, there’s no better place for them to learn this than in an international preschool. There, they’ll be introduced to fellow students from all walks of life. They’ll also get to see life from the eyes of children whose backgrounds differ from theirs, which will also develop their empathy and their social skills in increasingly diverse environments.

Knowing that a sense of connection to the world around them is very important to your child’s development, you can help them cultivate an awareness of it as early as preschool. It may be one of the best decisions that you can make with regard to your child’s formative years.

Your Child Will Learn Under a Holistic Curriculum

Another good reason to consider a preschool with an international perspective is that they often have holistic education programs. For many international preschools, the learning pedagogies involve more than proficiency in academics. The school may uphold unique values like independence and self-determination at an early age, and these values can come through in learning activities that emphasize creativity, communication, teamwork, and the like.

If you want your child to get more out of their preschool education than strong academics, consider enrolling them in an international preschool. Make a list of schools and take note of what they value in their curriculum outside of academics, like play-based learning or early immersion into arts and music.

Your Child Will Have Access to the Latest Learning Technologies

Singapore preschools currently acknowledge the role of technology in early childhood education. In an increasingly modernized world, it’s important that educators know how to use technology in order to empower early childhood educators and inspire well-rounded learning experiences among young children.

Many international preschools value adeptness with technology, as it helps them achieve a global standard of education. If you want to find a school where teachers know how to use technology for your child’s advancement—and they are willing to involve you in the process—then it’s a good idea for you to explore an international preschool.

Your Child May Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes and Teacher-to-Student Ratios

Though small class sizes aren’t exclusive to international preschools, many of them will advertise a small student-to-teacher ratio as a good reason to enroll in their institution. This is something that you may want to pay attention to, as small class size and small teacher-to-student ratio may be good for your child.

The small group dynamic may make it easier for your child to connect with their teacher, as well as with their peers. You may be able to rest easy knowing that your child’s teacher will be putting enough individual focus on them and that your child will be developing deeper friendships with their classmates. If you’re actively seeking out small class sizes and small teacher-to-student ratios, you’ll likely be able to find an international preschool that satisfies these criteria.

Your Child Will Have an Easier Time Adjusting to Similar Learning Environments in the Future

Some parents may think that it’s too early to worry about their preschool-aged children’s elementary, high school, or college education. But in truth, your child’s preschool experiences may pave the way for a happier and fuller school life in these later stages, too. If they learn confidence, empathy, and social skills in their preschool years, it will be easier for them to demonstrate these values in the later years of their education. This is particularly important if you’d like your child to excel in an international primary or secondary school, or if you envision them going overseas for further schooling.

You can definitely sow the seeds for your child’s success in these learning environments if you enroll them in a preschool with an international perspective. It won’t be hard for them to transition to increasingly diverse and competitive learning environments, and that will serve them well for the rest of their school life.

Indeed, your choice of preschool may count for a lot when it comes to your child’s future. It may be a good decision overall to enroll them in an international preschool. Narrow down the options on your list, and choose wisely!