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Tech-free Activities for your Kids this Summer

Tech-free Activities for your Kids this Summer

School is officially out for the summer, and you’ve got roughly two months of kids at home to think about. Kids these days have so much technology at their fingertips, it’s hard to break them away from it. Television, computers, tablets, cell phones, video games — this generation of kids has more tech access than any previous generation. With this constant access, technology is having a significant impact on children, much of which can be viewed as negative.

Summer can be a trap of too much free-time, but with a little planning and thought, you can help fill your kids’ summer with some tech-free fun. Here are some ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained:

Redecorate Bedrooms

Summer break from school is seen by many as a symbol of growing up, in the same way a birthday is. Moving to the next grade can make any kid feel like they’re maturing, and that may just be reflected in their decorative taste. Summer is the perfect time to let your kid make some changes to their bedroom; give them a small budget to buy some supplies, and let them go to town making decorations to add to the walls and give their room their own personal touch.

For kids at milestone ages, a more intensive room makeover might be in order. For example, a kid moving into junior high and teenhood might be feeling too mature for bright pink walls or a race car bed set. Let them make some major changes such as choosing a new paint color for the walls and moving around and changing out furniture as space and budget allow. Room makeovers big and small are bound to keep kids busy while allowing them to be creative and express themselves.

Get a Dog

Your kids have probably already told you no less than 100 times that they want to get a pet. Well, the free schedule of summer break is the perfect time to consider adding a new furry friend to the family. A new pet will have time to get used to the house and bond with your kids while also keeping your kids busy with playtime and cuddles.

If you’re looking for your kids to get outside and active on a regular basis, a dog is a perfect choice. As pack animals, dogs will form a deep bond with your kids and will love spending time outside playing all sorts of games together. Not every breed is ideal for kids and families, though, so be sure to do your research before choosing a dog for your kids. Activity level, temperament, and genetic makeup are all important factors that make up a dog’s personality, and finding the right dog for your family’s needs is important for a successful matching. Many families might be tempted to get a puppy, but adopting an adult dog with a known history may be the way to go; while cute, puppies are a lot of work that most kids aren’t ready to handle, and an adult dog whose temperament and tendencies are already known is going to make for an easier integration into the family.

Get Swimming

It’s hot out there, and a favorite fun way to cool down is swimming. It’s not often you find a kid who doesn’t love a day at the pool, so it’s an easy activity to encourage your kids to do rather than sitting inside on the internet. Whether you get a season pass to a neighborhood pool, or you have a pool of your own, getting your kids to swim regularly is going to be a win-win of happy and worn-out kids getting regular breaks from technology.

To keep swimming pool time interesting and fun, you can teach your kids several different pool games to keep them entertained. There’s always the classic “Marco Polo,” as well as other fun games like “Sharks and Dolphins” and water volleyball. While having fun in the sun, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your kids, no matter how light or dark their skin naturally is.

While it may seem like a herculean task to get your kids to ditch their tech from time to time during the summer, it’s not impossible. Using the summer to get your kids involved in several different activities around the house and outside will ensure that they’ll have a well-rounded and fabulous summer.

Mila is a freelance writer with a B.A. in Linguistics. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and studying foreign languages.