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Veena Goel Crownholm is a UCLA grad and former Miss California. Prior to having her son, she worked in the non-profit field doing special events and program development as well as working as a Program Officer for the Thomas J. Long Foundation. In 2010, after she had her son, she began her career as a Lifestyle Contributor both online and on-air, as well as motivational speaking.

Sleep is something that I pass on when life is hectic. There aren’t enough hours in the day to cook, clean, laundry, work, take care of my family, my health, etc. Something always has to give...and sleep is the easiest one to take off of the list. Laying in bed for eight hours sometimes feels like I wasted a huge chunk of time when I could get a head start on the next day or finish up the prior day. Add in a writing deadline and there is no time to sleep. I like to think that sleep is a bank, you add in extra hours sometimes and other times you deplete it.
At a recent conference I attended, Dove posed an interesting do you define what #BeautyIs? This seems like a simple enough question and then I tried to answer it. I struggled with it for a moment, so I thought that since pictures are worth a thousand words, I could define it with a picture. Nope! I could not find just one picture that defines beauty in my life. Beauty is having a picture of my mom where she is smiling and for a minute forgets that she is in one of the last stages of Parkinson’s Disease.
Why is there so much pressure to be perfect as women? Why is there so much emphasis on having the perfect body, makeup, outfit, job, home, spouse and/or child? Do we put this pressure on ourselves? Where does the pressure come from?
Navigating adulthood is difficult all on its own. Choosing between professions, relationships and when or if to have children. After a good amount of thinking and planning about these huge life altering decisions, life around us continues to happen as well. You might be wondering what I am getting at...for me it is coming to terms with my parents getting older and the issues that surround that idea.
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