Meet Harry H. Harrison Jr.

See Harry H. Harrison Jr.'s video on Meet Harry H. Harrison Jr....
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Meet Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Hi. My name is Harry H. Harrison, Jr. You can call me Harry. I'm a New York Times bestselling parenting author. I write books about raising children. In my spare time, I talk to parents. I talk to parents about how they're raising their kids, what's working, what's not working, and I take that information and I've used it to write 12 books with. I have 2 successful sons of my own - and they're successful not just materially but emotionally and mentally. And I think that's a great achievement for any parent. In my spare time, I like to bicycle. I like to run until my knees wear out. I really enjoy writing about kids, writing about raising kids.
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See Harry H. Harrison Jr.'s video on Meet Harry H. Harrison Jr....


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Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Best-Selling Parenting Author

Harry Harrison is the New York Times best-selling author of some of the most well known parenting books in the world.  He has appeared on television shows across the country, been interviewed on over 50 national radio programs including NPR, and is a regular contributor to websites like Dr.,,,, and (a collaboration between Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil).

His books aren’t the normal narrative read, but concise, sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant chunks of inspiration and advice that parents read and reread over again. He has also written two eBooks directed towards college students to guide and motivate them to earn a college degree.  Mr. Harrison and his wife, Melissa, have raised two incredible sons.

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