Preparing your child for college parties

Watch Video: Preparing your child for college parties by Harry H. Harrison Jr., ...
Preparing your child for college parties | Kids in the House
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Preparing your child for college parties

Parties are one of the greatest things about college, but we have to be realistic. Over 2 million kids a year report driving under the influence of alcohol after a college party. This is some serious business. Not only because of the accidents that can happen, but when they get home. What then? We need to have a realistic talk with them about alcohol and parties. What that should include is A, you are going to have fun at these parties, but you need to make some mature choices. Choice number one, you are not going to go to a party until your studies are done. If you think you are going to go drink and dance and stagger home at 2:00 a.m. and write that term paper. That's not going to happen. You want those term papers written. You want those tests studied to, before you go to the party. That is the key to graduation. Number two, as a woman, you want to make sure you see what is being poured into your drink. You don't just want to take drinks from stranger and hope for the best. You always want to be careful about taking drinks. You want to make sure you know what is in that drink. Number three, you need to use common sense. You don't have to get wasted every freakin party. You can just have a sip and try to make the drink last all night. That's the key to success. Number four, have fun, but if you have had a drink, do not get in the car and drive. Call a cab or walk back to the dorm. Parties are fun. You can have a great time, but if you are not careful, they can ruin your college career.

Watch Video: Preparing your child for college parties by Harry H. Harrison Jr., ...


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