How to ensure college success and graduation

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How to ensure college success and graduation | Kids in the House
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How to ensure college success and graduation

The way to graduate from college is simple. There are some specific steps. First go to class. Go to class if your boyfriend just broke up with you. Go to class if you dog just died. Go to class if you are angry with your parents. go to class if you are hung over. Go to class. That will help you graduate. Secondly, pick a major early. Studies indicate that students who know where they are going in their life in their sophomore year tend to graduate more so than students who just don't know what they are going to do their senior year. So pick a major early. By picking a major that means that you can focus your studies. That means you can take the classes you need to graduate. You are not going to be in school 5 years, 6 years, running up debts. You can do this in 4 years. The third safety to college is you have study groups. You have study groups because sometimes it's hard for you to get up and get out of bed and study science one more time. But if you have a study group calling going hey dude meet me at the library, you'll do it. So study groups are important things to graduate from college. The fourth is to stay organized; to understand that here's what to do on Monday, here's what to do on Tuesday, hear's what to do on Wednesday. And you wouldn't believe how many kids fail out because they have no ideas what the syllabus is. They can't even find their syllabus. And finally you need to prioritize. Students who can prioritize are so much better off and seriously this a problem in that SMU once ran a study of how college girls spent their time. And it had a bunch of check boxes; do you spend your time studying, do you spend your time exercising, do you spend your time getting manicures, do you spend your time in the lab? And they had to create a whole new box for suntanning because college girls spent 10% of their time suntanning. So prioritizing, realizing that an exam could be more important than spending hours at a frat party is very important. To graduate from college; it's easier than it seems. I mean you have to do the work, but there are some specific tests that you can take to make the process easier

View Harry H. Harrison Jr.'s video on How to ensure college success and graduation...


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