Why it's important for teens to have jobs

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Why it's important for teens to have jobs | Kids in the House
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Why it's important for teens to have jobs

Here is the importance for your child, of the first job: First thing, he may not want one. Generally, it's up to the parent to say to them, "I'm not buying your that iPhone. I'm not buying you that stereo. You are going to have to go earn it." That required that you take your child to the mall, so they can apply for a job, and them putting up resistance. The importance of a job is how to learn the value of money. You can't appreciate a $2,000 purse, until you have worked for 300 hours to get it. So, you take a child to the mall. You instruct them about dressing appropriately, showing up on time, and speaking respectfully. You can't just assume a conversation is whatever. You are going to instruct them on being polite. Once they get this job, they are going to show up on time, but do the work that their boss asked them to do, be respectful of their boss. But also, they are going to work harder than everybody else. That way they have a shot at getting a promotion and getting a raise. Learning to work doesn't come naturally to teenagers, so parent have to push them out of the nest. You have to say, "I'm going to make your life uncomfortable right now. You have to go to work." At the beginning kids won't like it, but once they learn that they are getting paid for this and cash that first check; it's a different world. They need to understand that they can earn money. It gives them a sense of independence. We want to teach them in High School that, once they have a job, there is independence. It is so important and they will never forget it.
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View Harry H. Harrison Jr.'s video on Why it's important for teens to have jobs...


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