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Fun Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

indoor garden plants

By the time it’s the end of January it feels like Winter should be coming to a close, when the truth is, it’s still just getting started. All that snowfall is coming soon in many areas, and it may make for long winter days. Being stuck inside isn’t all bad though. There are plenty of things to do that can make the winter pass more quickly. And making memories with your children all winter long can be a source of new traditions for years to come. Here are some of the best ones to beat the winter blues.

Plant an Indoor Garden

Getting your hands in some dirt and planting seeds is a fun activity for you and the kids. Find a warm, sunny window to place the plants, water them daily, and come springtime you’ll have lots of greenery ready to go in the ground or to continue enjoying indoors. You’ll want to start with some easy indoor plants, perhaps some ivy or lilies that are already green. This adds variety to your indoor garden and gives you a quick win. Having something that’s already green makes it easier to remember to water. Be careful not to overwater and make sure that all your plants have good drainage.

Make a Winter Journal

Document all the fun things you do with your children this winter. A winter journal is a fun way to write down silly quotes from your kids, to put photographs, to store programs and documents from places you visited, and more. You can even digitize it using your favorite images on your phone. This can simplify the process of making it on the computer instead of worrying about buying supplies. Once the journal is done, have it printed and shipped directly to you.

Go Sledding

When was the last time you got on a sled? Parents might be willing to send their children to slide gleefully down a hill, but maybe not so much themselves. Get out of your comfort zone, put on some warm clothes, and go sledding too. You’d be amazed at how the cool air on your face while going fast down a hill can give you a rush of excitement on otherwise mundane days. Kids also love sledding and being out in the cool air is good for their health. Just make sure you bundle everyone up to keep your hands and feet dry. 

Make Your Favorite Baked Goods

While most people do a ton of baking for holidays, they might be a little burnt out come January. But if you want a fun activity, pull out your favorite recipes and start baking. Kids love to be part of the mess, so give them as much responsibility when you bake as possible. Let them measure, pour, mix, and more. You’ll find that even though it can be messy, the time spent with your kids is valuable. After you’re done baking all your treats, see if you can find someone to share them with. A plate of home-baked cookies has a way of bringing unexpected smiles to people’s faces.

Start a Book Club

Dive into your favorite books this winter by starting a book club. You can read books that take you to far-off lands, ones that help you become a better parent or even ones that teach you something new. Books are good medicine on snowy days. Cozy up by a fire or in a fluffy blanket and jump in. Once you and your friends are done reading the book, spend some time discussing your favorite parts. It’s always more fun to see how other people react to the same situations you read. Different things will stand out for each of you, so a book club is an excellent way to make reading more social.

Celebrate Different Holidays

While you might know about Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day during the winter, did you know that Chinese New Year is February 1st this year? The cultural traditions of the Chinese make this a great teaching opportunity for you and your children. Learning about other cultures and how they celebrate their holidays can make for a fun winter activity. Many local Chinese cultural programs offer Chinese New Year events that you can attend as well. Take the time to respectfully learn and find ways to celebrate the New Year authentically. You can also use these holidays to create fun indoor winter décor as you celebrate.