Role of a dad in pregnancy

Learn about: Role of a dad in pregnancy from Marcy Axness, PhD,...
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Role of a dad in pregnancy

So often, we see the father as a sideline participant in pregnancy, and there are so much more possibility there. It is actually nice to know that father's hormones actually fluctuate with their partners through pregnancy. The partner is getting primed biologically for fatherhood in many interesting ways. Certainly, one beautiful way that he can help foster his child's well-being, is to just cherish that mom. Help create a feeling of safety for her because all of that gets downloaded chemically to the baby and says, "This is a beautiful, safe world." It just starts healthy brain development, that early. Harvard just did a fascinating study where they split fathers into two groups. They taught one group baby care, and they taught the other group baby care and breastfeeding promotion. The women's whose partner took the breastfeeding, 74 percent of them initiated breastfeeding. The other group, only 41 percent of the mother's initiated breastfeeding. Fathers have a tremendous impact on the choices, feelings, emotions on that pregnant mom and her breastfeeding after.

Learn about: Role of a dad in pregnancy from Marcy Axness, PhD,...


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Marcy Axness, PhD, is an early development specialist, popular international speaker, and author of Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers. She is a top blogger at and a member of their expert panel. Featured in several documentary films as an expert in adoption, prenatal development and Waldorf education, Dr. Axness has a private practice coaching parents-in-progress. She considers as one of her most important credentials that she raised two peacemakers to share with the world -- Ian and Eve, both in their 20s. 

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