Do rewards systems work?

Learn about: Do rewards systems work? from Daniel Asres,...
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Do rewards systems work?

I absolutely believe rewards systems work for children. What parents need to remember is how to use it, when to use it, and that it should be the last choice that a parent uses for their child. Reason being, rewards systems are external challenges to children. The more external challenges children look for, the less they look within to challenge themselves. The younger the child is, the easier the reward can be. A high five. Tickling them when they've accomplished a goal. Chasing them around the house once they've finished whatever the challenge may be. The older the child gets, something more complicated is required. Fruit snack whenever they accomplish their goal. Watching a certain video that they've always wanted to watch but they don't normally get to watch. What's important though is parents should pick and choose their battle of when they want to use a rewards system. And know that it should be not a lifestyle choice but a temporary tool that they can use, that they can wean their child off of little by little allowing their child to look within for figuring out those challenges.

Learn about: Do rewards systems work? from Daniel Asres,...


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Daniel Asres has lived in the greater Los Angeles for 36 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, with emphasis in Sociology and Education from the University of California, Riverside. Daniel’s great love and passion remains in educating children. Daniel is the Assistant Director at Little Dolphins Preschool for five years and counting. He has taught early education for over 12 years and was the Director of an Enrichment Program for three years. Daniel's hobbies include traveling, writing, painting and all things sports.  

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