Dealing with unresolved issues

Watch Video: Dealing with unresolved issues by Daniel Asres, ...
Dealing with unresolved issues | Kids in the House
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Dealing with unresolved issues

When a child hasn’t found closure to a certain issue that they may be going through and that’s a wide variety of possibilities – obviously, something as simple as not getting to wear the clothes that they want to wear to something as complex as being hit at school and all the emotions that are found in between. It is very important for a parent to know that if your child hasn’t found closure, it will stay with them. And it’s the same for us as adults as well. We tend to manage it better. With your child what you’ll find if they haven’t found closure to something is they’ll bring up something that happened three weeks prior as if it happened yesterday. That lets you know that it’s still very much in the forefront of their mind. What I suggest to parents in that situation is actually to sit down and talk to your child about that. Find out what they’re thinking. Sometimes simply just talking about it gives them closure to the situation. What you also might find is that there is some closure needed in a situation that you didn’t recognize and by hearing your children talk about it, then you help them find that closure that they can’t find on their own.

Watch Video: Dealing with unresolved issues by Daniel Asres, ...


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Daniel Asres has lived in the greater Los Angeles for 36 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, with emphasis in Sociology and Education from the University of California, Riverside. Daniel’s great love and passion remains in educating children. Daniel is the Assistant Director at Little Dolphins Preschool for five years and counting. He has taught early education for over 12 years and was the Director of an Enrichment Program for three years. Daniel's hobbies include traveling, writing, painting and all things sports.  

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