When a child doesn't like their teacher

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When a child doesn't like their teacher

When your child comes home and tells you that they don't like their Preschool teacher, one of the reasons could be how you feel about your child's Preschool teacher. If you, yourself, are not happy with your child's teacher and how they go about maintaining the class, your child might simply be reflecting what you are feeling. If that's the case, you need to find out yourself how to resolve that issue, whether it be talking to the administration or finding a new school, if it's that serious of an issue. If it's that your child simply hasn't found out how to find comfort with that teacher, but you are happy with who the teacher is; then should sit down and talk to your child. Ask your child, "What is it that you don't like about your teacher? What does your teacher do throughout the day that you don't like? Are there times when your teacher is fun? Are there things that your teacher does that actually make you feel good?" Taking those answers from your child, you have to figure out what resolve you are going to bring. If your child simply isn't comfortable, talking your child through it, with the teacher themselves. Bridge the gap between home and school to help your child feel more comfortable. If it's more serious than that, then you have to figure out what the next steps will be on a more serious level.

See Daniel Asres's video on When a child doesn't like their teacher...


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Daniel Asres has lived in the greater Los Angeles for 36 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, with emphasis in Sociology and Education from the University of California, Riverside. Daniel’s great love and passion remains in educating children. Daniel is the Assistant Director at Little Dolphins Preschool for five years and counting. He has taught early education for over 12 years and was the Director of an Enrichment Program for three years. Daniel's hobbies include traveling, writing, painting and all things sports.  

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