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Living With Intent

Pediatric Clinic, CHLA

Dyslexia & ADD/ADHD

Clinical Psychologist
Divorce & Disorders


Los Angeles Police
ICAC Task Force

UCLA Family Commons

Fertility Specialist
Professor, USC

Director of NICCU
Children's Hospital LA

Parent Educator
Empowered Parenting

Educator, Just Tell
Me What To Say

Chef, Author
Lunch Lessons

Melissa Idelson, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Child Success Center

Child Development

Doula & Educator
Painless Childbirth

Director, Adolescent
Services, CRC Health

Early Childhood
Resources & Education

Family Therapist
Babygroup Leader

Parenting Coach

Change Your Brain,
Change Your Body

Pediatric Neurologist,
Children’s Hospital LA

Secrets to School

Adoption Attorney
29 Years

Stephanie Mihalas, PhD, NCSP

Child Psychologist
School Psychologist

Family Therapist
Infidelity in Parenting

Preschool Teacher
Guide to Seattle

Different Learners

Author, Lifestyle Expert
The Experts' Guide

Manners & Etiquette
Beverly Hills Manners

Board Certified

Clinical Psychologist
Pregnant on Prozac

Educator, Inside
Transracial Adoption

Deena Goodman, PT

Physical Therapist
Women's Health

President and Executive Director
Whole Kids Foundation

Neuropsychologist Beyond the Label

Ronald Ferdman, MD

Pediatric Allergist,

Children's Hospital LA

Medical Consultant

Sociologist, UCB
Raising Happiness

Kari Sproul, MD

Infertility Specialist
Pacific Fertility Center

Cari Butler

Mom, Emergency Prep
"Best Safety Site"

Sara Schuelein Perets

Preschool Director
Sunshine Shack

Sexologist, Sex Therapist
The New Monogamy

Emergency Medicine,

Children’s Hospital LA

Art of Social War

Author & Grief Coach
28 Days of Grief

Health Educator for
Planned Parenthood

Psychologist, Wellspring
Weight Loss Plan

Parent Educator
Lactation & Perinatal

Certified Child
Safety Specialist

President, Stand for the Silent

Psychologist, Bullying
Expert, Author

How Girls Thrive

Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist
Brain Enhancement Inst

Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant
The Pump Station

Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

Human Development

Kimberly Wong

Postpartum Activist
Perinatal Mental Health

Pediatrician, Raising
A Self-Reliant Child

Amy Luster, MA, MFT

Parenting After Loss

Family Therapist
Teen Issues

Registered Nurse
Emergency Specialist

Head of School
Gateway School

Clinical Psychologist
Forensic Family Psych.

Clinical Psychologist
Grief & Postpartum

Douglas Green, MFT

Mental Health

Drug Prevention
Not All Kids Do Drugs

Motivation Expert

Legal Analyst Fox 11

Educational Specialist
Special Needs

Founder & CEO

Clinical Psychologist
Gender Born…Made

Heather Ellington

Language Instructor
Baby Sign Language

Mommy Calls

Educational Specialist
Founder Team Tutors

Nurse Practitioner
Parent Educator

Psychologist, Power…
Child’s Imagination

Lindsay Heller, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
The Nanny Doctor

Ayurvedic Specialist

Psychologist, Author
Anatomy of Addiction

Educational Consultant
Strategies For Teaching

Educational Specialist
Kelter Center

Kaiser Permanente

Child Safety Expert
Boo Boo Busters

Author of 1001 Things
Every Teen Should Know

Special Education
Advisor & Advocate

DIR/Floor Time

Founder, Empowerment SpaceBullying Expert

Former CEO Healthy
Child Healthy World

Nurse Midwife

Nicole Meadow, MPN, RD

Pediatric Dietitian 
Founder, NutritionWise

Regional Director of
Common Sense Media

Journalist & Author
Secret Lives of Boys

Senior Editor, TIME
The Sibling Effect

Child Neurologist
Director, Cedars-Sinai

Psychologist, Raising
Emotional Intelligence

Educator & Blogger
RIE Specialist

Take a Deep Breath

10th Street Pediatrics

Julia Kantor, MFT

Family Therapist
Marriage After Kids

Author & Nutritionist

Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss

Pediatric Diabetes,

Children’s Hospital LA

Week of Awakening

Kim Bergman, PhD

Family Therapist
Gay Men...Fathers


Richard D.  Jennings

Stem Cell Services

Orthopedic Surgeon
Health Care Reform

Whole-Brain Child

Director of CARES
Children's Hospital, LA

Educational Specialist
Education League, LA

Driving Instructor
Crashproof Your Kids

David Roberts

Certified Public
Accountant, RBZ

Preschool Teacher
Little Dolphins

American Red Cross

Sexual Health Educator
Birds, Bees, YOUR Kids

Youth Ambassador

Board Certified

Psychologist & Author

Challenging Casanova

Board Certified

The Honest Company
Healthy Child...World

Clinical Psychologist
Did I Grow in Your Tummy

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Pediatric Dentist
UCLA Dentistry School