Benefits of homeschooling

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Benefits of homeschooling

Well, I think the pros of homeschooling your kids are that you have the opportunity to be with your kids. It's one of the main reasons I home schooled my kids, is I wanted the best of them. And the best of them was the time between 8 and 3 when they would have been in school. And that's one of the biggest pros of homeschooling your kids, for me. The other pro is that you have the opportunity to tailor an education for that child. If that child is in the 3rd grade but they're ready for 7th grade math, then you do 7th grade math. If that child is in the 6th grade and they really hate history, well you can tie history to some other thing that they like. One of my boys lived ancient weapons; didn't want to learn about history, but loved weapons. So that was the lens that we looked at history through. So you can make learning attractive to your child that you might not be able to in a traditional way.

Watch Video: Benefits of homeschooling by Wanda Yeatman, ...


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Wanda Yeatman

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Wanda Jones-Yeatman is the owner of WJY Consulting, a small firm specializing in providing a variety of consulting, training, facilitation, coaching and program management services to organizations and individuals. Wanda has worked in the field of education and training for over 25 years, with extensive experience in personality type and its application, team-building, communication, success coaching, career development, human relations, conflict management and peacemaking, management training, leadership development, group facilitation, organizational development and multicultural awareness. As a consultant Wanda has served as an internal organizational coach focusing on subjects such as supervisory leadership, teambuilding, communication, conflict resolution and workforce planning. 

Wanda was born in Roanoke, VA and grew up all over the world as part of a military family. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Arizona State University and a M. Ed. from the University of Maryland in Counseling and Personnel Services. Wanda is married, mother of four wonderful children and resides in Maryland.

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