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Meet Vicki Hoefle

Hi. My name is Vicki Hoefle. I'm the author of Duct Tape Parenting. I'm also a parent educator and a speaker. I am married. And together my husband and I raised 5 kids, all young adults, who are absolutely extraordinary and the love of our lives. We live in Vermont where we like to travel, play tennis, visit with friends. And my big passion is cooking. I will cook for anyone who will let me into their kitchen.
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Learn about: Meet Vicki Hoefle from Vicki Hoefle,...


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Vicki Hoefle

Professional Parent Educator

Vicki Hoefle is a professional parent educator with over 20 years experience teaching parents, educators and caregivers how to raise respectful, responsible and resilient children. Hoefle combines her expertise in Adlerian Psychology and as an International Coaching Federation certified coach to bring parents Duct Tape Parenting, a sustainable and proactive parenting strategy that provides time-tested tools for harvesting a happy and peaceful family life. Her informative and highly engaging presentation style keeps her in demand as a speaker, facilitator and educator. Hoefle is a mother of six and lives in Middlebury, Vermont.

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