Best way to limit sweets and soda

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Best way to limit sweets and soda

I think it's really hard at first, I found it hard to limit the amount of, I mean soda we didn't really have when they were young, but as they get older they learn that they like Dr. Pepper and whatever, and candy, every time you go in the store it's right there, and all these kind of things. So a friend of mine has a candy day on Saturdays and that's the only day of the week they get candy, and they can have any candy they want, basically. So I have candy jars and on Saturday I bring out all the candy jars, they can pick all the candy they want out of there, within reason, and that's their candy day. And literally any other day of the week they can't have candy. And they don't really ask for it because they know that Saturday is candy day. I've also used that for other things. So Friday is soda day when we go out, that's when we normally go out to eat, they can have soda; no other day can they. And then Wednesday is ice cream day. So it's kind of like we have days in our family and it really helps control them asking for sweets and desserts and candy all the time.

Watch D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Best way to limit sweets and soda...


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