How to eliminate pull-ups

Learn about: How to eliminate pull-ups from D'Lynda Kaplan,...
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How to eliminate pull-ups

I was really concerned. I have two other kids who gave up night time diapers really easy. And then I had another one who you know, we would just try to give it up and people said they know it's there so just take it off, right. Then she would just pee in the bed and I was just changing sheets and she would be upset up in the night. I tried limiting soft drinks and then they said they shouldn't do it beyond the age of 6. I was kind of nervous about it and then probably about the time she was almost 6, we said "Oh, you are going to start having", they said don't shame them. Your kid will be devastated if you shame them about peeing in the night. And I said 'Well you know what, you are going to start to want to have sleepovers. Are you going to take you pull-up on your sleepover with your friends? Is that going to make you feel weird that they are not using one?" and she was like "ah, yeah", and literally like the next week she said "I don't think I need pull-ups anymore mommy" and it worked. And she didn't pee in the bed anymore so maybe a little shame is good, I don't know.

Learn about: How to eliminate pull-ups from D'Lynda Kaplan,...


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