Handling picky eaters

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Handling picky eaters

So my 3-year-old is a really picky eater and so it’s a struggle every day to get him to eat. So we have a couple of solutions in our family. One thing, if he’s eating by himself, I make sure he’s in front of TV or like the iPad or something that distracts him. I’m sure the expert would tell me not to do that, but it works for us. And then I put everything I want him to eat on the plate and then I put a cookie over here on the counter. And I say, “Jack, if you eat all your food, you can have the cookie. And if you don’t eat all your food, you can’t have the cookie.” And we don’t back down. Sometimes, we have to reheat the food, because it gets cold, if he gets up and plays, but he always has his eye on the cookie and it really works. Another thing we do is – my daughter came up with this – is play like we’re a monster. And we say, “1, 2, 3 – who can eat our food the fastest?” And he gets so into the game, that he eats it all up, because he is competing with his sister. So it really does work. It’s really funny. My daughter came up with that.

See D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Handling picky eaters...


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