Dealing with early risers

Learn about: Dealing with early risers from D'Lynda Kaplan,...
Dealing with early risers | Kids in the House
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Dealing with early risers

I have four kids and they're all late sleepers, and the reason they are is because I learned how to keep them in bed longer, and this is what I do. When they wake up, first of all, I make sure they have dark curtains in their room so they can't see the light if it's, you know, sunrise early, and before the age of three you kind of trick them and say, "It's still night night time," and this is why--I'm sure the pediatricians and dentists aren't going to like this--but it's why I continued to give my kids bottles 'til they were three. And they got two bottles a day, one at night and one in the morning if they woke up, right. If they wake up before 7:00, they'd get a bottle in bed and I'd say, "Night night time." They were also in a crib tent 'til they were three so I would hand them the bottle, zip them back up, and they'd go back to sleep because they couldn't really get up and wander around the room and play. And to this day, all of my kids never wake up before 8:00.

Learn about: Dealing with early risers from D'Lynda Kaplan,...


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D'Lynda Kaplan

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D’Lynda Kaplan is originally from Texas and has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. Prior to motherhood, she worked for over a decade at Universal Music Group. She is the mother to four children all under 10 years of age - which means she has a very busy household. In fact, when it comes to hobbies, she only has time to do two things other than parenting: eat and exercise!

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