Handling aggressive play

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Handling aggressive play

My youngest child, who happens to be a boy, plays very aggresively, used to. It was pretty stressful. Anytime I tried to take him to a play date or a group class, I did not know when it was going to happen but I knew it was going to happen. The lego to the face or the hand to the face. It was so much we could go over to someone´s house, they would be like Jack is here. It was really hard. So I talked to the pediatrician because I just did not know what to do about it. And I got good advice and they just said quit taking him. So I did not do really any play dates or any kind of group classes during that time period. It was probably about nine months. We went to the park. We played at home because it was stressful because eventually he was going to sock somebody in the face. And they were right. His maturity caught up and now he does not do it, especially since he started school he does not do that. I mean if you take away his Spiderman outfit, he may still try to tackle you but it is few and far between.

Watch D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Handling aggressive play...


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D’Lynda Kaplan is originally from Texas and has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. Prior to motherhood, she worked for over a decade at Universal Music Group. She is the mother to four children all under 10 years of age - which means she has a very busy household. In fact, when it comes to hobbies, she only has time to do two things other than parenting: eat and exercise!

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