Giving up the pacifier

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Giving up the pacifier

I didn’t really care if my child gave up the pacifier, but it seemed like everyone else around me really did care. The pediatrician and the orthodontist and ah… so just group pressure. I decided that they needed to give it up and I was really nervous about it. Like people said, like “Take it over.” “Have people come and knock and say the baby next door needs it.” And I just… I really didn’t know what to do. I thought about all these things and finally I just said, “Guess what? We lost all the pacifiers. We can’t find any pacifiers. I don’t know where they went. And the store doesn’t have them.” And it was two days of “Mommy, where is the pacifier?” And I was like, “I don’t know. We lost all of them. We can’t find any pacifiers.” And then they forgot about it and they never asked for them again, really.

See D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Giving up the pacifier...


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D'Lynda Kaplan

Say-It-Like-It-Is Mom

D’Lynda Kaplan is originally from Texas and has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. Prior to motherhood, she worked for over a decade at Universal Music Group. She is the mother to four children all under 10 years of age - which means she has a very busy household. In fact, when it comes to hobbies, she only has time to do two things other than parenting: eat and exercise!

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