Toddlers who bite

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Toddlers who bite

My twins started biting, first each other, which was really hard because if I would leave them on the floor to go do something, there would literally be blood when I got back. It was very unsettling. It's hard because they are twins, they are together all the time. Then they started doing it to other people. I would take them to these playgroups and they would bit. Different people would say, "Just ignore it. If you give it too much attention, they are going to do it more." Another one said, "Just intervene." Well, they are so quick, there is two of them. So what I decided to do, literally, for a six month period, I took them out of classes. Whenever one would bite the other one, I wouldn't say anything. I would just pick that one up and go in their crib and shut the door. I wouldn't give her any attention whatsoever. It finally did stop. I think it's an age thing. Even though it's stressful at the time, they just grow out of it. That's what happened with mine.

Watch D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Toddlers who bite...


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D'Lynda Kaplan

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D’Lynda Kaplan is originally from Texas and has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. Prior to motherhood, she worked for over a decade at Universal Music Group. She is the mother to four children all under 10 years of age - which means she has a very busy household. In fact, when it comes to hobbies, she only has time to do two things other than parenting: eat and exercise!

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