Pumping at work

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Pumping at work

When I had my first daughter 12 years ago, I worked at a place that had two smoking rooms, but nowhere for me to pump outside of the bathroom. And so I made the very brave and crazy decision to pump in my car, out on the corner of 33rd and 10th in New York City. So anybody and their mama could see me and my goodies and all of the milk coming out, but it was the only way that I could do what I needed to do for my baby and for myself. And I was incredibly dedicated to making sure that she was fed breast milk through the first year of her life. And if that meant that I needed to sit in the car and make that happen, then so be it. The beautiful thing is is that we live in a society now with some leaders who, like Michelle Obama who is really going out of her way to open the doors so that breast-feeding moms, breast-feeding working moms specifically, have more options when it comes to feeding their kids. You know, some of the rules that were recently instated include making sure that employers must make a room for breast-feeding moms, a special room where they can go and pump and there's new rules that allow for tax credits for breast pumps and that makes it so much easier, it opens the door for more moms to be able to feed their children even if they do have a job and so I'm really, really excited about that.

Watch Video: Pumping at work by Denene Millner, ...


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Denene Millner

Author & Founder of MyBrownBaby.com

New York Times best-selling author Denene Millner is a hotly sought after award-winning journalist whose insightful and captivating pieces have secured her foothold in the entertainment, parenting and book publishing industries. Millner spent the last decade working as a columnist, contributing editor and blogger for Parenting, a national magazine for which she provided witty, engaging, mom-to-mom advice on ethics and etiquette in everything from childrearing and marriage to work and friendship. Currently, she also is the founder and editor of MyBrownBaby.com, a critically acclaimed, award-winning blog that examines parenting and motherhood through the multi-cultural experience. Millner frequently contributes as an entertainment writer for Essence, the most well-read and respected magazine for African American women, and has written for a plethora of national publications and prestigious websites, including Parenting, HealthEbony, JetHeart & SoulReal Health, Money, iVillage, Parenting.com, TodayMoms, and The Root, among others. Her extensive television experience includes regular appearances on the The Today Show, CBS Early ShowThe Nate Berkus Show, HLN, CNN, MSNBC, VH1, and the Rachel Ray show. Millner also is the author of 21 books. The former political reporter and entertainment journalist lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and their two daughters.

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