Cross-dressing in public

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Cross-dressing in public

When my son wants to dress in his flamboyant and fabulous clothing when we're out, because of my husband's high level of discomfort with my son dressing like a girl outside the house, and we have a no dress outside the house rule, my son, we've compromised and he is able to wear thigh-high socks or a red unitard with lots of jewels. And we go out, we go to home-schooling events, we go to parties, we go to a museum, we go shopping, and he presents as he is. If something comes up, if there are comments made, if his feelings are hurt, or if he has to defend his choices, then at the end of day when we go home, we'll have conversations, we'll bring it up, we'll talk about how does it feel, do you want to dress this way, do you want to dress differently, and this is part of the reason I believe also that it's an innate expression of who he is. It's not really a choice; it's just how he presents.

See Connor Barnas's video on Cross-dressing in public...


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Connor Barnas


Connor Barnas is blessed and busy, living life with her husband Ethan and two children, Magdalena June, eight, and Augustus Wolfe, six in the midst of finding the sacred in the mundane and allowing space for serenity. After being given the gift of desperation, Connor began her life of recovery and discovery within the 12 Step paradigms in 1995. In 2002 she graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and married the love of her life, Ethan; moved to a beautiful, dusty, desert town; and began her journey as a wife and mother.  

In 2003, Connor co-founded an Attachment Parenting group, and became a leader shortly after.  Connor has been involved in the Attachment Parenting community as a leader and a resource, and was honored as a featured volunteer during Volunteer Recognition Week, April 2011 by Attachment Parenting International. 

After relocating and settling in Jacksonville, Florida, to be close to her family of origin, Connor founded HAP East, a local homeschooling group whose focus and mission is to create community and continuity of relationship for homeschooling/attachment parenting families. 

Connor joyfully shares her experience, strength and hope with families and friends in the recovery, homeschool, and AP communities; she combines the spiritual principles of the 12 steps with the practical and compassionate parenting strategies of API to inform her path and growth as a woman, mother, wife, and active member of her world. 

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