What boys think when girls wear sexy clothing

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What boys think when girls wear sexy clothing

What´s happening today is young girls want attention. Attention is the most important thing for females. Even for grown women, they want attention. Men want to feel attention to what they do. Women want attention to who they are. And we have role models for that. And today girls´role models are the role models that say I want to have sex. That´s what to a man he interprets a lot of skin, for example, as she wants to have sex with me, and that gets men´s attention but it doesn´t get lasting attention. And that´s what girls have to know is that when they are dressing like that, it is not like he is going to be interested in her. He is drawn to that but he quickly loses interest as well. And what boys have to understand is when she is dressing that way doesn´t mean she is interested in sex. She is just doing what the fashion is saying gets attention. And the fashion industry, the advertising industry has caught onto this because sex sells, so if you dress in a way that traditionally means I want to have sex with you, which means lingerie look, it says to the man´s brain or boy´s brain back here, it says she wants to have sex with me. Does she really want to have sex with me? No, but it gets my attention. And so that attention goes there, but does he really care about her? Is he interested in her? Is there any emotional chemistry? Is there any mental chemistry? There could be none, but he will be interested in her temporarily. And that´s what girls have to know is just because they are lining up doesn´t mean they are interested in you. One of my experiences that was baffling for me 35 years ago as a marriage counselor in Beverly Hill is I had lots of women who were models that every man would go oh my gosh, if I could go out with her, and their biggest complaint was men who come on strong and then lose interest quickly because those women will attract a long line of men but only a few of those men actually have chemistry on an emotional, mental level with her. And they are usually the more shy guys in the back, and so they never get to her.

Watch Video: What boys think when girls wear sexy clothing by John Gray, PhD, ...


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