Natural solutions for ADHD

Dr. John Gray explains how to treat ADHD symptoms naturally using vitamin supplementation and dietary changes
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Natural solutions for ADHD

What we see today is lots of ADHD symptoms. Maybe your child is scattered. Maybe your child is hyper. The key thing is we want our children to be able to focus and be attentive to the appropriate situations. And if they're not, there are some natural solutions that are very simple. Often people say, do I give them drugs? Do I not? Well if there are natural solutions, why not give them that? And what I have seen in 1000s of cases is that children who have ADHD symptoms, impulsive, hyper, overly sensitive, hyper in various aspects, if they take 1000 mg of ascorbate, not ascorbic acid, ascorbate - that means it's buffered with minerals, along with half that dose of grape seed extract, within days you will notice an improvement in their behaviors. That's the first thing. Why is that? Because all of these ADHD symptoms is inflammation due to free radical damage in the brain. And if you have more protection in the brain, then the brain can begin to adjust and heal itself. So vitamin C, grape seed extracts, just very simple supplements can help a lot. And by the way, those two supplements have been proven to be as good as Ritalin and Adderall in some studies. Also there are some studies that show that just Omega 3 supplementation has been proven to be equally effective as Ritalin and Adderall. Now, why is that important? Because drugs have side effects. Taking Omega 3 doesn't. But just like drugs don't help with every child, Omega 3 doesn't help with every child. Why is that? Because a lot of children with ADHD have high blood sugar. And when you have high blood sugar, or when they were in the womb the mother had high blood sugar, it inhibits the body's ability to burn fat. So they can't utilize that Omega 3. So there's another supplement, which is called acetyl l'carnitine. You can take acetyl l'carnitine with your Omega 3 and suddenly symptoms improve. Now what's a good way to give your children Omega 3? Particularly young children, chia seeds. You make chia gel. It's a natural seed. it's organic. You put a third of a cup with two cups of water. Ten minutes just stir it up. Keep it in the refrigerator, becomes a gel, to add to an oatmeal, add to a smoothie, and it's super rich in Omega 3, and kids love it. They'll take it straight. Put a little bit of sugar in it, just a little bit, it's like pudding. Simple thing. To feed the brain of this child. Even the FDA recognizes that the DHA inside of Omega 3 will improve intelligence. And we've seen studies to take away ADHD type symptoms. Omega 3, good antioxidants, the best being vitamin C and grape seed extract. In addition to that minerals. Our food today is mineral deficient. Minerals protect the brain as well as help the brain make brain chemicals. So a mineral supplement. If you get minerals which are bonded to orotic acid. Orotic acid is very high in mother's milk to help build the child's brain. So there are minerals which are full-spectrum minerals bonded to orotic acid that deliver the minerals across the blood barrier into the brain. And once again, within days, parents say, oh my God. My children are so much more cooperative. They're so much happier. They're back to who they were. And this is a gift that we can give our children by taking the time to understand the various natural solutions. And it's not a one solution fits all. You have to do a little experimentation. But the good news is that none of these things have negative side effects.

Dr. John Gray explains how to treat ADHD symptoms naturally using vitamin supplementation and dietary changes


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