A safety plan to prevent dating violence

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A safety plan to prevent dating violence

Well a safety plan is basically thinking about everything that goes into leaving a relationship. But it also can be if someone's not choosing to leave the relationship and wants to stay in it. Safety planning is looking at all the things that could possibly happen. For instance, if your young person is thinking about leaving the relationship but they're not ready to go, one thing you can talk to them about is how do they handle situations when the person gets angry, or how to avoid being alone with them. Or if the person, whenever they're going out to a party, maybe you need to make sure that you have a ride home if that person starts drinking and you're scared. The other thing with a safety plan, especially when you're talking to people who are about to go to college, is if you're going to leave, maybe if you're not ready to leave the relationship, you have a sign, you text a friend like, "Hey, how's the weather?" And they know that you're about to leave or your about to come over, so that you can be kind of discreet. A safety plan can also include lots of things about what do you do if you run into your abusive partner in the hallway and you are trying to leave the relationship. One thing is is that we know that when anybody leaves an abusive relationship, it can also be a very dangerous time. So you're just planning for the things that they might not be able to think about right away. And it's looking not just short-term, but long-term, after the breakup.

View Brian Pinero's video on A safety plan to prevent dating violence...


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Brian Pinero

Abuse Helpline Coordinator

Brian Pinero is the director of the National Dating Abuse Helpline, the advocacy service provider behind loveisrespect.org. Through loveisrespect, teens and young adults can receive crisis intervention and education about healthy relationships via text, chat or phone. Pinero has dedicated over 10 years to helping teens and has previously supervised youth shelter services, been an investigator at Child Protective Services and worked as a juvenile probation officer. 

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