Warning signs of abuse

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Warning signs of abuse

Some of the warning signs of abuse can be very subtle, in that, your child stops going to class. Your child may be involved in other activities, whether that be athletics or clubs, and they stop going. Some of the other signs is just, over time, they start withdrawing from friends and family. Maybe there was a close friendship that they had and now they are willing to sacrifice time to be in the relationship. Those are just some of the general signs that we see. When you start talking about physical abuse, it can be that, maybe your child starts wearing long sleeves to cover bruises. It may be something as simple as marks on their body that they don't have an explanation for. Abuse signs can range from physical signs, but it also can be in how they eat, maybe they are not eating as much or losing weight. Sadness, depression; those are all signs of abuse.

See Brian Pinero's video on Warning signs of abuse...


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Brian Pinero

Abuse Helpline Coordinator

Brian Pinero is the director of the National Dating Abuse Helpline, the advocacy service provider behind loveisrespect.org. Through loveisrespect, teens and young adults can receive crisis intervention and education about healthy relationships via text, chat or phone. Pinero has dedicated over 10 years to helping teens and has previously supervised youth shelter services, been an investigator at Child Protective Services and worked as a juvenile probation officer. 

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