What is sexual abuse?

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What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is if you are not an active participant. I think that's one of the biggest things. If you are in a relationship and you don't have the opportunity to say "no." Maybe your don't want to have sex right now. Maybe you don't want to have sex in that way. It can be where someone sees you more of someone that they just get what they want from you, and they don't think about your needs or whether you are allowed to opt out of something. Sexual abuse can also be that you are being forced to stay in a relationship if you don't have sex. You know, "If you don't have sex with me in this way, I'm going to break up with you." It can be, "If you don't have sex with me when I want to, I'm going to tell everybody that you are this or that or you are uptight." So sexual abuse can where if somebody is using it against you when you are out in public or friend circles. Sexual abuse is mostly when someone doesn't allow you to be a participant, but also, they are using it as a form of power and control.

Watch Brian Pinero's video on What is sexual abuse?...


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Brian Pinero

Abuse Helpline Coordinator

Brian Pinero is the director of the National Dating Abuse Helpline, the advocacy service provider behind loveisrespect.org. Through loveisrespect, teens and young adults can receive crisis intervention and education about healthy relationships via text, chat or phone. Pinero has dedicated over 10 years to helping teens and has previously supervised youth shelter services, been an investigator at Child Protective Services and worked as a juvenile probation officer. 

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